About Fresh St Market IGA

On 28th March 2011 Michael Shakes, owner of Fresh St. Market IGA, was awarded the IGA Australia International Retailer of the Year Award at the IGA Global Rally in Vancouver, Canada. With over 10 000 IGA stores in some 43 different countries this is the most prestigious award an IGA Retailer can achieve.

“Our shoppers keep coming back day after day because they know we're going to take care of our community in every way we can, whether that's helping our local growers and producers, or giving back to the community.” Mike said.

Fresh St. Market IGA heavily supports local schools and clubs and is actively involved in many community events, including Relay for Life, Operation Rudolf, the Mayor’s Christmas Appeal, the Barra Bash and the IGA Leukaemia Car Rally and Race Days.

In Mike’s acceptance speech he said he felt “this award belongs to all of the staff who have given up so much of their time over the past two years to make the dream come true and the community who have stood behind us during the progression from our old store to the award winning store Atherton Supa IGA has become today.”

We have also been awarded:

  • Vocational Education Training Awards – Employer of the Year for 2009.

  • Lenard’s Franchise Owner of the Year Runner Up for 2010/2011 (This was a national award)

  • When we won 2010 IGA National Retailer of the year we also won National Meat Department of the year and National Dairy/Freezer Department of the year.

  • We have won many regional and state awards for our store, departments and store manager since 2010.